Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

It was Saturday and it wasn’t raining, (although it was very cold), so that can only mean one thing…. it was day out time with my bestest friend Jane, this time though we are accompanied by my other bestest friend Debbie.

This latest excursion looked promising, (any regular reader of my blog will know we’ve had quite a few dodgy ones),as we were meeting Jane in her home town of Clevedon for a flower show and table top sale in the local community centre.


It was so quaint and sweet with a flower and veg competition and  a very delicious cake contest.

It was so quaint and sweet with a flower and vegetable show and a very delicious looking baking competition. It didn’t take us long to make our way around the hall and part with the best part of a tenner.







Deb enjoying some teaThen we did what we do best and retired to the tea room to sup tea, stuff ourselves with yummy homemade cakes and inspect our bargain purchases.

Me and Jane and our fabulous purchases







Next on the agenda was a visit to the sea front as Deb hadn’t seen the pier for ages. Clevedon Pier is one of the 78 piers around the coast of Britain built between 1854 and 1904. Work was completed in 1869 and the official opening was in March of that year. Unfortunately parts of the pier collapsed into the sea when load bearing tests were carried out, restoration started in 1984 and it was partially reopened in 1989. By 1998 the pier was fully opened and thousands came out to witness the event, many of them in Victorian costume. In January 2001 it was upgraded from grade 2 listing to grade 1 along with the only other listed pier in Brighton.

Jane and Deb by the pier


We didn’t stay out in the cold too long admiring the view, we were drawn into yet another cafe for coffee and hot chocolate.





I had such a lovely afternoon with two great friends and we are so lucky to have a lovely little seaside town on our doorstep to enjoy.



















Can only get better

I’ve nearly finished my first 2 weeks in my new job on my old unit and I must say I’ve coped really well. Although after each 12 hour shift I’ve felt very tired, once I’d had a good nights sleep I felt refreshed. I was worried that I would feel dreadful the following day but so far that’s not been the case.

I have however been finding my first few weeks very frustrating. I finished the Return to Nurse Practice course in November but our results have only just gone to the external awards board and we don’t get our registration numbers, (PIN), until sometime in March. This means that at the moment I am not allowed to check and give any medicines and be responsible for all my patients’ care until I receive my PIN. Before I became ill I worked on this unit as a senior staff nurse and I just want to be a fully functioning member of staff as I used to be.

I’m hoping that any day now my letter from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC), will drop on my doormat with all the paperwork I need to complete to get my PIN.  I don’t like doing anything half-baked, but I know there’s nothing I can do at the moment but wait…….that’s another thing I don’t like.



Love is all around

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very  happy Valentine’s day.

I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your loved one, or received a card from someone you hope will be your loved one someday.

Unfortunately I am still apart from my hubby, but I know that this period of our lives will be over soon and in the end it’ll all be worth it.

I thought I would share with you some facts about love that I stole from my daily newspaper:

– Analysis of people’s brain activity when looking at pictures of loved ones has shown that falling in love has much in common to drug addiction.

– Research published in 2012 claimed that falling in love takes only a fifth a of second.

– According to a recent market survey, 2% of people have fallen in love in a supermarket.

– When we fall in love, the brain releases more dopermine, adrenaline and norepinepherine. The first of those creates feelings of euphoria while the other two cause heart fluttering and restlessness.

– Slovenia is the only country with ‘love’ spelt out in it’s name.

This is my favourite:

– Love, n: a temporary insanity curable by marriage (from Ambrose Bierce, Devil’s dictionary).

I don’t know about temporary insanity but I am still crazy in love with my hubby, Hasan, and it definitely hasn’t been cured by marriage!

For you Hasan xxx

For you Hasan xxx




“love” facts from Daily Express 14.02.2013.

Getting close now

At last I have a start date for my job. I am starting this coming Monday on a day shift.

I am experiencing a multitude of feelings ranging from excitement to fear, from happiness to apprehension.  In my head I know I can do the job and that I’m fit enough to fulfill the role, but that doesn’t stop the nagging doubt I have inside me.

I’ve decided to go with the flow and do the best I can and if I find the hours too much then that’s what occupational health is for.

I’m really looking forward to being part of a team and to have a focus for my life again, (apart from my hubby and family). Not being able to work and giving up my career was the most devastating part of my illness, I’m delighted that I’ve come through it and have managed to get back to nursing.

The things I’ve learnt from being ill is to not take on too much and spread myself too thinly, to take of myself and my health, and accept help when offered instead of struggling on alone.

I hope that I remember these lessons when I go back into the world of work.


a nurse


Really good post about the potential perils of the internet.

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Every new territory comes with the splendors never seen, the resources never tapped, the powers never before harnessed. Yet with new opportunities come new predators eager to take advantage of the naive.

I can’t explain why there are those in this world who will hurt people they’ve never met or steal with no concern to what devastation they might create. But, these crooks are there, they are a real threat, and I’m here today to help you guard against attacks.

Hey, I may be a…

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Mulder, it’s an X file

For quite a while now something strange has been happening to me. Sometimes during my everyday life I might say or do something that often reminds me of a scene from a film, then a day or two later that movie is on the TV. Once, while in Turkey, I dreamt about a Miss Marple episode and it appeared the next day on Turkish TV!

I suppose it’s very similar to thinking about someone you haven’t seen for years and the next day you bump into them in town or they call on the phone.

On Saturday morning before I met my friend Jane for our day out, (see previous post), I thought I would try and find the book ‘Never let me go’ as a joke for her, as we watched the film and found it so depressing we wanted to kill ourselves after. So imagine my surprise when that very same book was on the counter in a charity shop that we went in that afternoon, the shop assistant was reading it.

Spooky…yes, unexplainable….maybe, an X file….definitely!!!

Now where’s Mulder and Scully?



Mulder and Scully

Antiques road trip

Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was time for another dodgy day out with my friend Jane. I say “dodgy” bearing in mind one of our recent outings was a talk at a second hand book store.

Where was this latest fabulous excursion? To the local scout unit’s annual jumble sale and auction. Apparently last years event was very good and Jane bought some lovely things for under £20, so I was feeling more confident about this trip as we made our way there with the roof down on her convertable, (yes it was that sunny).

Words cannot really describe the experience, but I’ll have a go. Not only did we have to queue to get into the under £10 room which was the size of a bathroom and smelt like one too, we had to pay to get into the main jumble sale to elbow our way and rummage through the fodder with all the other hopeful punters looking for a bargain. It took us the best part of 30 seconds to realise that the only things worth buying were a couple of paperbacks.

Next came the viewing of the auction lots, there was a collection of household items; exercise equipment and garden furniture, most of which belonged in a skip. But the object of Jane’s desire, the one thing she was determined to buy was a rather fetching Cliff Richard calendar. She was soon engaged in a bidding war with the lady sitting behind us, but Jane was the victor and bagged the treasure for a mere £5.

Despite the destination we did have a lovely day out, helped raised money for the scout unit and ate some tasty flapjacks, so it was not all bad.

Carole and Jane with Cliff