Antiques road trip

Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was time for another dodgy day out with my friend Jane. I say “dodgy” bearing in mind one of our recent outings was a talk at a second hand book store.

Where was this latest fabulous excursion? To the local scout unit’s annual jumble sale and auction. Apparently last years event was very good and Jane bought some lovely things for under £20, so I was feeling more confident about this trip as we made our way there with the roof down on her convertable, (yes it was that sunny).

Words cannot really describe the experience, but I’ll have a go. Not only did we have to queue to get into the under £10 room which was the size of a bathroom and smelt like one too, we had to pay to get into the main jumble sale to elbow our way and rummage through the fodder with all the other hopeful punters looking for a bargain. It took us the best part of 30 seconds to realise that the only things worth buying were a couple of paperbacks.

Next came the viewing of the auction lots, there was a collection of household items; exercise equipment and garden furniture, most of which belonged in a skip. But the object of Jane’s desire, the one thing she was determined to buy was a rather fetching Cliff Richard calendar. She was soon engaged in a bidding war with the lady sitting behind us, but Jane was the victor and bagged the treasure for a mere £5.

Despite the destination we did have a lovely day out, helped raised money for the scout unit and ate some tasty flapjacks, so it was not all bad.

Carole and Jane with Cliff

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