The madness of Murray mania

British tennis certainly had a massive lift this year with Andy Murray winning the men’s title, the first for 77 years since Fred Perry in 1936. It was a huge achievement and we should be very proud of him. But there are many people, the Prime minister included, who are calling for him to be knighted.

Am I the only person who thinks this is a tad too far for a young man of 26 years old who has only won 2 grand slam championships. Lets exam the careers of other British tennis players to compare.

Fred Perry was our most successful male tennis player winning all four grand slams; US Open 1933, 1934, and 1936, Australian Open 1934, French Open 1935 and Wimbledon an amazing 3 times 1934, 1935 and 1936. He also won doubles in the Australian Open in 1934 and the French Open in 1933, mixed doubles in the French Open in 1932, the US Open in 1932 and Wimbledon twice in 1935 and 1936.  Was he knighted? no and he never got any honours not even an OBE. There is a statue of him at Wimbledon now, but this wasn’t put there until 1984, 5 decades after his last Wimbledon win.

fred perry

Ann Jones was an outstanding player. She won the french Open twice in 1961 and 1966 and she won Wimbledon in 1969. She also won the doubles in the French Open in 1963, 1968 and 1969. Was she made a Dame? no and she has never received any other honour either.

ann jones

Our most recent female tennis winner is Virginia Wade, she won Wimbledon in 1977 and she also won the US open in the same year and the Australian Open in 1972. She also won the doubles in the US open in 1973 and 1975 and in the french Open in 1973.  Was she made a Dame? no but she was honoured with an OBE, but had to wait until 1986.

virginia wade

Please don’t misunderstand me I think Andy Murray has done extremely well and is a talented player,  but let’s not get carried away when other more successful British players seem to have been forgotten in his wake.


Bring me sunshine

I am ashamed to say this poor blog has been hopelessly neglected recently.

Work has got in the way of my writing and I just don’t seem to have the time. I have had plenty of ideas to write about but haven’t had any spare minutes to get them online.

But in just over a week I have some much needed time off from work and I’m going over to Turkey to see my lovely hubby. 

My holiday romance with my husband continues, having read the small print on the UK Border Agency website I have discovered that I need 6 months payslips and the corresponding bank statements proving my income. So it’ll be another 4 months before Hasan can even apply for his visa, as I’ve only been earning above the required salary for the last 2 months.

There is good news though, Hasan passed his English exam so that’s another thing ticked off the list.

So I’m off to soak up some lovely sunshine, recharge my batteries and hopefully get to spend some time with Hasan, he has to work 12 hour days but may have some days off.