Bring me sunshine

I am ashamed to say this poor blog has been hopelessly neglected recently.

Work has got in the way of my writing and I just don’t seem to have the time. I have had plenty of ideas to write about but haven’t had any spare minutes to get them online.

But in just over a week I have some much needed time off from work and I’m going over to Turkey to see my lovely hubby. 

My holiday romance with my husband continues, having read the small print on the UK Border Agency website I have discovered that I need 6 months payslips and the corresponding bank statements proving my income. So it’ll be another 4 months before Hasan can even apply for his visa, as I’ve only been earning above the required salary for the last 2 months.

There is good news though, Hasan passed his English exam so that’s another thing ticked off the list.

So I’m off to soak up some lovely sunshine, recharge my batteries and hopefully get to spend some time with Hasan, he has to work 12 hour days but may have some days off.



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