They think it’s all over….it is now

This week saw my last study day at university, I have finished my Return to nurse practice course and I’ve passed!

I am so relieved that it’s all over and I’m immensely proud of myself for what I have achieved. I still can’t believe how well I’ve coped with going back to nursing and I’m now convinced that I’ve finally recovered from Chronic fatigue Syndrome.

We don’t get out registration numbers until March next year so I can’t work as a qualified nurse until then. But if I do get a band 5 job before then, if the management agrees, I could work as a band 4 until my registration is confirmed. There may be some band 5 jobs coming up on the unit I did my practice hours on, so watch this space!

At long last I’m off to Turkey to see Hasan and I can’t wait, I’m flying out on Monday and will probably stay until just after Christmas. I will be taking my laptop with me as I will need to keep up with Strictly Come Dancing online, so I will hopefully find something interesting to write about for the blog. Actually does anyone know what online TV website is the best for watching TV in Turkey?

At the end of our study day on Thursday our lecturer showed us this video that has been created by the Royal College of Nursing for nurse recruitment, I think it’s really well done and I thought I would share it with you all.

Always the bridesmaid…..not!

While watching the film “27 Dresses”, (in which the main character was bridesmaid 27 times), last week with my mum and my friend Debbie, we suddenly realised we all had one thing in common….all 3 of us have only been a bridesmaid once in our lives, not only that, we all wore blue dresses for the big day.

My mum was 4 years old and it was for her mum’s cousin’s wedding and Deb was also a bridesmaid for her mum’s cousin and was 7 or 8.

I was only 2 years old and it was my uncle’s wedding. I was one of two small bridesmaids, the other one was my cousin Ann who apparently cried all the way through the ceremony. On the morning of the wedding I was helping one of the adult bridesmaids hang out the washing and was in charge of the pegs. Unfortunately I took my role a little too seriously and wouldn’t let go of the pegs to carry my posy. So instead of carrying a lovely arrangement of summer flowers I had 2 pegs in my podgy little hands.

We have hunted high and low in the house for a picture of me in my dress but couldn’t find one, but here is a very small photo of my mum in 1944.

Down by 10%

At last I’m happy to report that I have finally achieved my 10% weight loss at fat club.

So far I have lost a total of 19 pounds and I’m extremely proud of myself.

As I will be off on a journey to Turkey next week to see Hasan, I have cancelled my membership to Weight Watchers. It runs out on the 24th November and I won’t be around for the weekly weigh-in.

But I’ll still be tracking my points in my usual anal way while I’m away. Although I am stressing a bit about what I’m going to eat while over there. When I was last there I couldn’t find any fat free yogurt and I practically live on that! Turks use a lot of oil when cooking so I think I’ll be choosing salad a lot if we eat out.

To mark my weight-loss achievement I received a key ring from my group leader.