Down by 10%

At last I’m happy to report that I have finally achieved my 10% weight loss at fat club.

So far I have lost a total of 19 pounds and I’m extremely proud of myself.

As I will be off on a journey to Turkey next week to see Hasan, I have cancelled my membership to Weight Watchers. It runs out on the 24th November and I won’t be around for the weekly weigh-in.

But I’ll still be tracking my points in my usual anal way while I’m away. Although I am stressing a bit about what I’m going to eat while over there. When I was last there I couldn’t find any fat free yogurt and I practically live on that! Turks use a lot of oil when cooking so I think I’ll be choosing salad a lot if we eat out.

To mark my weight-loss achievement I received a key ring from my group leader.