Another year…. another challenge

Last year 3 crazy ladies, myself and my 2 buddies Debbie and Selena, did a zip wire ride  in central London in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. As the charity is very close to my heart I suggested and arranged the whole thing.  It was a massive challenge for Selena and Debbie as both are afraid of heights. When we climbed the tower, that moved from side to side with every step, I felt very guilty when Selena was shaking with fear and Deb looked like she was going to throw up. But they were both extremely brave and we managed to raise £1104 for the charity.

zip wire challenge

This year however there is no death defying slide through the air and no coercing my terrified friends into doing something that they really don’t want to do. No this year I have been talked into running the 10k Race for life by my friend’s daughter Phoebe.

I haven’t done any serious running since I did the Bristol Half Marathon many years ago, when the weather was so vile that I was sobbing as I crossed the finish line. It wasn’t something I wanted to repeat in a hurry. But time is a greater healer, all memories of that awful day have almost been erased and it is only 10k.

Every penny raised and donated to Cancer Research can only be a good thing, so dig deep my friends and click on the link so I can’t back out of this challenge.

Carole’s Race for Life