Just say yes

Over the years I have become a fan of the TV show “Say yes to the dress”. If you have yet to experience the delight let me enlighten you; there are bridal salons in New York and Atlanta, these are the 2 original salons to open their doors to the cameras to film brides choosing their dresses for the big day. We the audience share in their journey of trying on usually over-priced gowns while often over analysing their choices and crying buckets of tears.

Since the early days of Kleinfelds in New York other shows have cropped up in locations such as Las Vegas, Canada, Ireland and here in England hosted by Gok Wan and David Emmanuel.

The brides come in all shapes and sizes and from all different backgrounds with varying budgets and tastes. One of the most common denominators though is the entourage, a lot of the brides that feature on the shows, especially in New York, bring enormous groups with them to help them select the perfect dress. She usually wants them all to like the one she picks, not just have an opinion on how it looks on her, but actually love it as much as she does. These entourages can sometimes be as many as 20 people, how on earth can anyone expect that many people to all love the same dream dress. This evitability ends in tears and a lot of the time the bride will leave without selecting a dress, because she doesn’t seem to have the backbone to stand up to her friends and family and go with the dress she loved in the dressing room before showing it them.

Another common theme is the mother; often the mum will have a fixed idea of how she would like her daughter to look on the big day. A lot of the time on these shows they usually imagine their daughters in princess style ball gowns and often that is so far removed from what the bride has in mind. This makes for a very difficult situation because these brides are looking for their mother’s approval and set themselves the almost impossible task of keeping everyone happy.

The most tricky situation in my opinion is when the mother is paying for the dress and wants the bride to wear only a dress that she likes, regardless of whether her daughter actually likes it or looks good in it. This sometimes escalated into the mother refusing to pay for a dress because she does not like the style, even if her daughter looks beautiful in her choice.

Her choice… surely if she is able to choose her life partner, then she is quite capable and should be able to choose her own gown.

As a mother of 2 wonderful sons I am never going to experience this special time between mother and daughter. But if I did have a daughter and I was paying for her dress, I would want her to have a gown that makes her feel beautiful and fabulous, and most importantly her choice.

Ultimately surely your daughter’s happiness is the most important factor.



Happily ever after

It’s all in the name

While I don’t like wasting time and energy thinking about my tragic marriage to the Turk, I did see something last week that made me giggle.

A few months before my soon-to-be ex husband’s indiscretions were found out he had a tattoo done on his arm with my name through the middle of it, bit of a strange decision knowing what I know now! Obviously this is now problematic for him and he has since tried to change it to the name of the other woman that was in our marriage. But by the look of the photo I saw it didn’t go according to plan and as far as I’m aware that relationship has since gone down the pan.

All is not lost though, as long as the next object of his desire is named “Kargle”, everything will be just peachy.

Love is all around

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very ¬†happy Valentine’s day.

I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your loved one, or received a card from someone you hope will be your loved one someday.

Unfortunately I am still apart from my hubby, but I know that this period of our lives will be over soon and in the end it’ll all be worth it.

I thought I would share with you some facts about love that I stole from my daily newspaper:

– Analysis of people’s brain activity when looking at pictures of loved ones has shown that falling in love has much in common to drug addiction.

– Research published in 2012 claimed that falling in love takes only a fifth a of second.

– According to a recent market survey, 2% of people have fallen in love in a supermarket.

– When we fall in love, the brain releases more dopermine, adrenaline and norepinepherine. The first of those creates feelings of euphoria while the other two cause heart fluttering and restlessness.

– Slovenia is the only country with ‘love’ spelt out in it’s name.

This is my favourite:

– Love, n: a temporary insanity curable by marriage (from Ambrose Bierce, Devil’s dictionary).

I don’t know about temporary insanity but I am still crazy in love with my hubby, Hasan, and it definitely hasn’t been cured by marriage!

For you Hasan xxx

For you Hasan xxx




“love” facts from Daily Express 14.02.2013.


Being away from my hubby Hasan is very hard and I miss him terribly. We talk everyday on Facetime and on the phone, but it’ll never be the same as being together in the same place.

So when my next door neighbours daughter, Rhianne, went on holiday to Kusadasi I took the opportunity to send a present and a hand written card to Hasan, something for him to keep and read whenever he needs to. I think a hand written note is very special especially when the message is personal and written with love.

Hasan also used Rhianne to send a present back to me, he bought me a lovely bracelet and a new link for my Pandora bracelet. He didn’t send me a hand written note, but I know that he took his time to find me a gift that he knew I would love.

This time apart is so difficult, especially as the contract seems to be taking forever to arrange at the hospital, preventing me from progressing on the course as quickly as I would like. If I were busier with the course maybe I could cope better with not having Hasan with me. But until I’m working on the unit I can’t get stuck into my reflective assignment, because I need to reflect on something I experience during my nurse practice.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m here away from Hasan to make a better life for us, so that he can have more opportunities than he does in Turkey.

I remind myself that everyday when I need a hug and a kiss from him and I miss him so much it hurts.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we know our marriage is strong and we love each other very much.

So no matter how much harder it gets I just need to stay positive and carry on.