Mulder, it’s an X file

For quite a while now something strange has been happening to me. Sometimes during my everyday life I might say or do something that often reminds me of a scene from a film, then a day or two later that movie is on the TV. Once, while in Turkey, I dreamt about a Miss Marple episode and it appeared the next day on Turkish TV!

I suppose it’s very similar to thinking about someone you haven’t seen for years and the next day you bump into them in town or they call on the phone.

On Saturday morning before I met my friend Jane for our day out, (see previous post), I thought I would try and find the book ‘Never let me go’ as a joke for her, as we watched the film and found it so depressing we wanted to kill ourselves after. So imagine my surprise when that very same book was on the counter in a charity shop that we went in that afternoon, the shop assistant was reading it.

Spooky…yes, unexplainable….maybe, an X file….definitely!!!

Now where’s Mulder and Scully?



Mulder and Scully

The beautiful game

Last Sunday afternoon I couldn’t find anything new to watch on TV so I ended up watching “Escape to Victory” even though I’d seen it many times before.

The those of you not familiar with the film, it’s about a prisoner of war camp in occupied France during the 2nd world war, the prisoners form a team to play against an all German squad. The plan is for the French resistance to help them escape at half time, but during the first half despite the Germans playing dirty theĀ alliedĀ team are holding their own and want to continue playing to try and win the game instead of escaping. Most of the allied team is made up from professional footballers such as the great Pele from Brazil, our very own Bobby Moore, Ozzy Ardiles from Argentina, Co Prins from Holland, John Wark from Scotland, Soren Lindsted from Denmark, Kevin O’Callaghan from Ireland, Hallavar Thoresen from Norway, Mike Summerbee from England, Paul van Himst from Belgium and Kazimierz Deyna from Poland. Also in the team are Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone.

I think it’s such an uplifting film about working as a team against adversity and against the odds, to choose to carry on playing instead of escaping.

In my humble opinion the England football squad should watch this film again and again until they understand the concept of playing for the love of the game and for the honour of representing their country and not for the obscene amount of money they are paid.