The only way is down

I had a very pleasing weigh-in at fat club this week.

I have lost another 3 and a half pounds…… yippie!! That means a total weight so far of 15 and a half pounds, (7 kilos).

Last week I gained 1 pound and didn’t really want to share that news online as I was not feeling too chuffed about it.

Now I’ve achieved my 1 stone target, I’m on to my 10% target and that’s only another 2 and a half pounds now.

I am desperate to buy some new clothes but I need to wait until I’ve reached my target weight. It’ll be more satisfying then I think.

The curse is lifted…I hope

This week at fat club I lost half a pound.

That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s broken the curse of the every other week “stay the same weight” curse that has plagued me during my Weight Watchers journey.

I am disappointed with the small weight loss, but I’m so pleased that I didn’t stay the same again. It’s so demoralising when I’ve followed the diet religiously and find when I jump on the scales that I’ve only lost half a pound or God forbid stayed the same weight as the week before.

Our new leader is a very good motivator and had us working in groups tonight to talk about how to cope when faced with take away foods and what to eat when out and about on days out. It was good to share ideas with the rest of the group and we had a giggle.

I only have 3 and half pounds to lose and I’d have lost 1 stone, lets hope that’ll be next week.


In the right direction

Just got back from this weeks weigh-in at fat club and I’ve lost 1 and a half pounds.

I must admit at first I was a little disappointed as felt I had lost more and it seemed a very small loss. But my group leader reassured me that it’ll stay off  better if I lose the weight gradually.

So in total I’ve lost 6 pounds, that’s nearly half a stone, so I should be very pleased with myself.