Attack of the Turkish love rat

It’s my sad duty to announce the end of operation “Get Hasan to the UK”, my quest to help get my Turkish husband a visa to live in England with me.

I have too much dignity to write about the details but suffice to say I have been betrayed in the cruelest possible way. A month ago I discovered that for the last year my marriage has been a lie and the more I hear, I fear that the last five years have been a sham. The focus and aims of the last eighteen months have been destroyed.

At first I was devastated and heartbroken, but now I feel so angry at him, at her and at myself for being foolish enough to trust him for so long.

What shocks me the most is that I didn’t see it coming because I have been so blinded by love and working hard to help him get here.

The reason for this post? certainly not to slag off Turkish men, there must be some good ones somewhere.

I wanted to share what has happened as so many of my merry band of followers have supported me throughout this quest with lovely comments.

The name of my blog “Back to life” has taken on a new meaning now, originally it was a journey of recovery from illness to the land of working and living. Now I have another journey to make, to rebuild my life and move on.

I have fantastic support from my family and friends, they have been invaluable throughout this first month when the hurt was unbearable. I’m sure with their continued love and care I will get through this.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jack Scott
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:30:07

    Really sorry to hear about your news – a terrible blow. But, with the help of your family and friends you will get through it and live to fight another day. Best wishes.


  2. sunshine13
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 12:12:29

    You are such a wonderful person, who has not just honest love to give, but have the fighting ability of a tiger, so you will recover and you will see karma. You have come miles, and your strength not just in your attitude to your health, but in how you help others shines through. You are so far better than this sad chapter of your life. He has lost something so wonderful he is a fool. .You are a star, just talking to you and sharing your blog has helped me. Stay strong, you are the one wronged. Hugs xxx


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