Arty farty food

I saw today in the newspaper that Gregg Wallace had split up from his girlfriend, the paper called it the “Masterchef curse” as his mate John had had a similar experience recently.

Like the many of the nations population I was glued to Masterchef and was so happy to see Shelina win. I was routing for her all the way through. I only watched it to see how the contestants worked their way through all the challenges and get to know their personalities.


I really got annoyed though with all the phaffing around and the puny pretentious food! 

During the last week  the final three had to work in a Michelin star restaurant and then cook for some of the top chefs that mentored them in those restaurants and through the series.

At the restaurants there were 90 euro starters, barbed wire jelly and celeriac tear drops……please!!!

Maybe I’m missing something, perhaps because maybe I’ve never had the money to spend on fine dining I don’t give a toss whether my langoustine are all facing the same way in concentric circles!!!!!!

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