Stop procrastinating and get on with it!

I love reading, I read everywhere…….. in the bath, in bed, on the bus… anywhere really. I would be lost if I didn’t have something to read and make sure I have a book in my bag, especially given the bus I have to travel on and the passengers I have to share the bus with!

I love to read some books a second time to study how the author develops the story and characters, because when I read the book for the first time I just want to get to end to find out what happens.

So the natural progression would be to write my own stuff. I have at least 5 book ideas written in my notebook, I carry it everywhere with me so I can scribble ideas down when I think of them. In fact I have many notebooks, I do have a bit of a fetish for them.

I’ve bought a book “Creative Writing for Dummies” to spur me into action. I’ve been talking and thinking about it and procrastinating for long enough. I just need to bite the bullet and start on one of those ideas in my notebook. The book is really good and has lots of exercises to help develop writing skills and ideas.

I will keep the blog posted on my progress in the world of creative writing


Going like a good’un!

My interview went very well, couldn’t have gone better really. That really boosted my confidence especially as I will need to have another interview to apply to do the Return to Nurse Practice course and any other jobs I apply for.

Of course now I’ve entered the realm of mandatory training, first day was yesterday and manual handling next Thursday. This I don’t mind because I used to teach manual handling and I loved it.

This success has not stopped me searching and applying for more jobs, I’m beginning to lose track of what I’ve applied for and  I’ve downloaded my CV on quite a few job sites now.

This afternoon I sent my CV to an agency, within 10 minutes a representative phoned me back. After talking for a while she said she was sorry they couldn’t offer me work because I couldn’t commit to 21 hours a week. I don’t want to commit to too many hours at first because I haven’t worked for a long time and still don’t know what I am capable of and how tired I will get. I was pretty knackered last night after the training day.

Then 1 hour after that the same woman phoned me back and informed that she had spoken to her manager about me  and they are willing to let me work less hours. So after a quick phone interview I was in and invited for a face to face interview.

So the moral of the story is never say never and apply anyway, what have I got to lose!