Couch Potato

After 6 years of not working and having no occupation or energy to keep busy during the day, it was easy to slip into TV routines. These routines have changed over the years according to my health, energy levels and what’s on TV.

I went through a phase of watching home improvement shows, simply because they were all on the same channel. Some days I didn’t have the energy or the strength to lift the remote or the mental energy to think  about what to watch. So channel that alternated home and garden make over shows was perfect for home improvement heaven.

Now that I’m feeling much better I have more energy to do more and fill more of my day in a more productive manner. But I still maintain a daily TV routine. After farting around in the morning and early afternoon and when I get back if I needed to go anywhere, I usually settle down to watch the film on channel 5, even if it’s a cheesy “made for TV” film.You know it’s one of those when you don’t recognise any of the actors as the film is starting. When that’s finished I used to catch the end of Perfection even though Nick Knowles as it’s presenter is as exciting as a bucket of snot! But now that’s ended so need to rethink that one.

Then the icing on the TV cake is Pointless on BBC1, I don’t know what I did at 5.15 before Pointless. Quite simply the best game show on TV at the moment.