And the winner is…….

I have only been blogging since March and I am very chuffed to be nominated for a “Very inspiring blogger” award.

Thank you for much to Crazy Train to Tinky Town for nominating me, I am so grateful for the honour.

As I’m new this game I had to contact the author of the blog to find out what I needed to do to accept this nomination, she had been nominated quite a few times and has won a tidy number of awards even though she herself has only been blogging for a short time.

I need to name 7 bloggers who inspire me and name 7 interesting facts about myself. Naming the bloggers is easy but narrowing down just 7 interesting facts is proving to be a very difficult task… only kidding! I’m having trouble thinking of 7 so I thought I’d follow the example of my nominator and go down the “5 things” route.

So here goes:

Five fabulous moments in my life

The birth of my sons Scott and Jake.

The parachutes jumps I did as a venture scout.

My first kiss with Hasan.

Qualifying as a nurse.

Passing my ballet exams in my youth.

Five things I love

Being Hasan’s wife.

Being a mum.

Sex and the City.

Flowers especially freesias and daisies.

British seaside towns especially Weymouth.

Five things I hate

Clowns, dolls and puppets.

Violence and cruelty to all living things.




7 bloggers who inspire me

Perking the Pansies

Goss Coaching

Crazy train to tinky town

Little dumb man

Earth laughs in Flowers

Being Koy

Kirsten Lamb’s Blog

There are many fantastic blogs out there, but these are the 7 that I read regularly and get the most from. Perking the Pansies was the very first blog I started to read and will always be my favourite.

I hope that my blog will become as successful as the blogs I’ve named in this post and I thank everyone who takes the time to read it.







Stop procrastinating and get on with it!

I love reading, I read everywhere…….. in the bath, in bed, on the bus… anywhere really. I would be lost if I didn’t have something to read and make sure I have a book in my bag, especially given the bus I have to travel on and the passengers I have to share the bus with!

I love to read some books a second time to study how the author develops the story and characters, because when I read the book for the first time I just want to get to end to find out what happens.

So the natural progression would be to write my own stuff. I have at least 5 book ideas written in my notebook, I carry it everywhere with me so I can scribble ideas down when I think of them. In fact I have many notebooks, I do have a bit of a fetish for them.

I’ve bought a book “Creative Writing for Dummies” to spur me into action. I’ve been talking and thinking about it and procrastinating for long enough. I just need to bite the bullet and start on one of those ideas in my notebook. The book is really good and has lots of exercises to help develop writing skills and ideas.

I will keep the blog posted on my progress in the world of creative writing