Bit of a re think

Given that I have to wait until June before I can do the return to nurse practice course and that the course is 4 months long, I have been giving some thought to what other jobs I can do with the skills I have.

My next job of choice is a learning support assistant in a school. Although I don’t have any experience of being paid to do that role, I have had lots of experience supporting my sons throughout their primary and secondary education in and out of school. I also have many years experience nursing children.

Unfortunately, as with many jobs, formal experience is needed for a lot of the jobs advertised. Still that won’t put me off applying, many of my skills gained throughout my nursing career are transferable and I’m pretty sure I can do the job

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  1. Janine
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 07:27:37

    when my sister moved to Canada she decided rather than to re-train as Canada required different nursing qualifications she would go into clinic admin and now runs a clinic for a heart doctor, still using her nursing skills for assisting when required. Perhaps this is worth a thought for a private doctor linking the skills you have in a particular field with the doctor/clinic? Just a thought. xx


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