Going For gold…Again

Back in 2014 I was a volunteer first aider at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, it was such an amazing experience I decided that volunteering at the World Athletics Championships would definitely be a fabulous thing.

One of my goals when applying to do the Commonwealth Games was to rub Usain Bolt’s leg if he ever got injured or just to relieve a little cramp. But alas I didn’t achieve this as my shifts were at the opening ceremony and the rugby sevens. So this time I was determined to get just a little closer to the great man.

My plans were scuppered a bit by being posted to the first aid station by the media centre and the warm up area for the field athletes. But as the dedicated first aider that I am, I needed to patrol the whole area fully, which included the warm up track to get supplies for our station that we lovingly called the prison. Mission accomplished! …. well I didn’t actually lay my hands on him, but I did see him warming up on the track looking incredibly cool. On a daily basis we were told not to stand around taking photos of the athletes, as I rarely do as I’m told I got quite a few photos of Usain, including one of him coming out of the portaloo just before he ran the 100 metres semi final.

Also while on patrol with my fellow first aiders I saw Mo Farah win the 5000 metres and the 100 metres semi final and final, the atmosphere was electric.

As always I met the most amazing people and made some new friends. Looking after the athletes and spectators was a joy to do.

But the fabulous thing about volunteering this time was staying with my lovely cousin Amelia and her family in Reading. She very kindly put me up for 2 weeks and even ferried me to and from the train station at very unsocial hours. During my time off I caught up with my extended familam and get out and about in Berkshire.

Going for gold

Operation “Get my life back on track” started with a visit to Scotland for my interview to volunteer at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

My best friend, Janey, and I decided to go for a couple of days as she had a friend nearby that she hadn’t seen in years.

The start of our journey was hampered by Janey’s dodgy directions, a tractor, a recycling lorry and a funeral procession. But in no time we were tarted up in duty free and sat on Sleazy Jet bound for Edinburgh guzzling G & T’s and Bacardi. By the time we landed we were like a couple of giggling teenagers.

at the airport

We stayed in the Caravel Guest House about 10 minutes walk from the city centre. It was clean, comfortable and run by a lovely and welcoming young couple.

Day 2 was interview day so I boarded the express train to Glasgow while Janey went off to meet her long lost friend. Luckily Commonwealth Games HQ was a short walk from the station and as quick as a flash I was welcomed in and processed by an army of volunteers. The interview went extremely well but I will have to wait a while longer before I know if I get the chance to rub Usain Bolt’s leg.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the express train back and seemed to stop at every station in Scotland! ¬†After what seemed like an eternity, I eventually met up with Janey and her friend Nicky and we managed to spend the best part of 4 hours chatting, drinking wine and eating cream teas.

001 002

Day 3 was dedicated to sightseeing on Royal Mile, finding a cafe that served Neaps and Tatties and staying out of the relentless rain.


We had a fabulous time away and it was just what I needed to try and put my troubles behind me and forget about them for a while.