Going for gold

Operation “Get my life back on track” started with a visit to Scotland for my interview to volunteer at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

My best friend, Janey, and I decided to go for a couple of days as she had a friend nearby that she hadn’t seen in years.

The start of our journey was hampered by Janey’s dodgy directions, a tractor, a recycling lorry and a funeral procession. But in no time we were tarted up in duty free and sat on Sleazy Jet bound for Edinburgh guzzling G & T’s and Bacardi. By the time we landed we were like a couple of giggling teenagers.

at the airport

We stayed in the Caravel Guest House about 10 minutes walk from the city centre. It was clean, comfortable and run by a lovely and welcoming young couple.

Day 2 was interview day so I boarded the express train to Glasgow while Janey went off to meet her long lost friend. Luckily Commonwealth Games HQ was a short walk from the station and as quick as a flash I was welcomed in and processed by an army of volunteers. The interview went extremely well but I will have to wait a while longer before I know if I get the chance to rub Usain Bolt’s leg.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the express train back and seemed to stop at every station in Scotland! ¬†After what seemed like an eternity, I eventually met up with Janey and her friend Nicky and we managed to spend the best part of 4 hours chatting, drinking wine and eating cream teas.

001 002

Day 3 was dedicated to sightseeing on Royal Mile, finding a cafe that served Neaps and Tatties and staying out of the relentless rain.


We had a fabulous time away and it was just what I needed to try and put my troubles behind me and forget about them for a while.