No one puts Baby in the corner

I love to dance ; on nights out, around the house, at work, anywhere …. I also love to do dance classes. I went to ballet school as a child and dance is really the only exercise I truly enjoy. I also adore the film Dirty Dancing, so imagine my delight when I discovered a course to learn how to do the moves from this iconic film.

The Showgirl Academy runs classes and workshops in Bristol and Bath for women who want to learn cabaret themed dances, Charleston, Can Can, Burlesque and much more. The classes are fun, relaxed and friendly, they are suitable for all ages and no previous dance experience is needed.

My Friend, Helen, and I did the 6 week Dirty Dancing course at the beginning of my Fabulous at 50 year and had a great time, although I don’t think we took it quite as seriously as some of our class mates and could be found giggling in the corner a lot of the time.


Later on in the year the stage production of Dirty Dancing came to the Bristol Hippodrome, of course that had to be a fabulous thing. So after a bite to eat in a cute Italian restaurant and a couple of bottles of prosecco Selena, Debbie, Natalie and I watched from our very well situated seats, (thank you Selena). I must say it was quite raunchy at times and very entertaining.

dirty dancing


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