You’re a wizard Harry

I’ve always had a passion for dressing up, so I jumped at the chance to don my Bellatrix outfit, grab my friends Selena, Debbie and Liz, (aka Hermione, Madame Pomfrey and Death eater), and go on a Harry Potter pub crawl. These themed events were happening all over the country, Potter fans met up in their finest costumes, moved from pub to pub and then ended up in a nightclub to dance the night away.

It was very fitting to have one of these crawls in Bristol as JK Rowling is homegrown. She was born in Yate, just on the outskirts of the city, in 1965. Her family then moved to nearby Winterbourne.

Everyone looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite characters. Unfortunately despite our efforts we did not win any of the best costume prizes, But we had the most fabulous time.


My fabulous at 50 year

2017 was my 50th year and I wanted to celebrate it with style. Rather than have a big party I decided to do 50 fabulous things throughout the year with all my family and friends. Some things were planned …..others were just on the spur of the moment. I took every opportunity to have a fabulous time, nothing was big, bold or expensive. Over the years I have learnt to take pleasure in the smallest things and try to see the beauty in everything.

I did have the most amazing year and ended up doing 67 fabulous things. I just have one more to do… I had a flying lesson booked but the weather on the day was dreadful so this had to be postponed.

The next few posts are all about the fabulous things I got up to….

fabulous at 50