Reasons to be cheerful

One of the books on positive thinking I read suggested creating a board to pin on my goals and wishes and things that I am thankful for in my life. So I bought a cheap cork board and used some pretty fabric and ribbons I had lying around to cover it. I pinned on what I needed to and put it in a room where I could read it everyday.

6 months later most of my goals and wishes have been met; I am feeling much better now since my illness, I am a writer,( albeit just a blog but writing I am), I am much happier, I am almost working again and Hasan’s work is going well. All that’s left is for me to come into a large amount of money and it’s job done!

So I’m now planning my next board with a new set of goals and wishes, my things to be thankful for remain the same; the love and support of my sons, family, friends and Hasan.

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