No going back

I finally got all my stuff up together for the return to nurse practice course. I had to organise my own placement and get the references myself, the application form was at least 9 pages, it was like writing “War and Peace”! I sent it all off yesterday and will have to wait now to see if they will have me.

Also just checked my emails and I have another interview for a healthcare assistant on the bank in the hospital where I started my training in 1985. So that should be interesting working there again. I didn’t expect to hear from them as in the job advert they stated they were only looking for people to work over 30 hours a week. But I decided to apply anyway and tell them because I hadn’t worked for 6 years, I didn’t think I could manage 30 hours. This result is encouraging because I’ve also applied to 2 other jobs and asked if I could be considered working ┬áless hours. Things are not so set in stone anymore and of course if you don’t ask you don’t get.