The Big Break

This blog has been very sadly neglected for quite a few months and now it’s about time to rectify this.

In September last year I thought it would be a good idea to partake in a little roller disco action with my sister in law and my nieces. Having spent most of my childhood on skates and dabbling a little in adulthood, I felt myself suitably qualified to give it a go again.

Not the best idea as it turned out! Skating on a wooden school hall is an entirely different proposition, making staying upright very difficult. My sister in law took my hand saying that after a while I would be gliding around like a pro! Less than 4 minutes later I was falling backwards and landed with a thud with an audible crunch coming from my left wrist.

After a lengthy wait in the Emergency Department an xray revealed a displaced Collies fracture of my distal radius causing 2 fractures on both sides of my ulna. In other words I made a right mess of my wrist and as it was in the shape of a Z, it needed to be pulled back into a straight line under local anaesthetic. I spent 6 painful weeks in plaster and have been going to physio ever since.

wrist xray

So needless to say writing has been far from my mind. But now things have improved considerably and I’m almost back to full fitness. I have a couple of posts to catch up on pre-skating disaster, But then it’s new year, new adventures!!!