Playing dress up

I’ve always had a propensity for dressing up, any sniff of a fancy dress occasion and I’m first in the queue.

As my formative years were in the 1980’s, a tribute night to the decade fashion forgot is always going to be a fabulous dressing up event.

So along with bestie Tart aka Jane. B I headed to the Fleece and Firkin for a Club Tropicana 80’s extravaganza and as an added bonus we discovered our friend Alison. The night didn’t start until 11 and was going on till 4 am, as our combined age is well over 140 we didn’t think we would last that long. But we danced the night away to all the classics from Wham, David Bowie, Dexy’s Midnight Runners and much more.


Halloween gave me another opportunity to morph into a witch, the last fabulous time was the Harry Potter pub crawl as Bellatrix. It was the Motown tribute night up the local club, unfortunately not everyone in the group got the memo about dressing up. But that didn’t kerb mine and fellow witches, Bev and Deb’s, enthusiasm, we had a fabulous time bobbing away to some amazing tunes.