All dogs go to heaven

While relaxing with the Sunday paper I came across a lovely story about a local hero that I had to share.


Whizz the Newfoundland has been posthumously awarded the PDSA Order of Merit, the animal equivalent of the OBE. This exceptional dog worked most of his short life as a rescue dog for the Royal Naval Rescue, Severn Area Rescue Association and the Marine Volunteer Service. His owner, David Pugh, started training Whizz at the age of one and during his career he saved over 9 people including a young lady who almost drowned while suffering from an asthma attack.

Not only did he work hard patrolling the Bristol Channel and the River Severn with his teenage handler Ellie Bedford, he also raised a huge amount of money for charity. They demonstrated their rescue skills at the annual Bristol Harbourside Festival and also other Newfoundland Water rescue days where sponsored volunteers would be rescued to raise funds. David set up Newfound Friends which since it’s beginning in 1990 has raised over £750,000, CLIC Sergeant and the Oncology Units at Bristol Children’s Hospital have benefited from this money.

whizz and boat

If all that wasn’t enough, Whizz also brought joy to countless children and adults living with cancer by visiting hospices and hospitals.

Sadly Whizz died earlier this month from cancer at the age of ten. His cousin, Tizz, and his handler Ellie accepted his award of his behalf.

tizz and ellie

In Whizz’s memory, Newfound Friends will be holding a sponsored rescue event at the Docklands Scout Project, on the Isle of Dogs, to raise money for the PDSA  on the 5th of September of this year. For more details follow this link Whizz/PDSA