The Fabulous Birthday Week

My birthday week in May was very busy and I planned to do as much as possible in my time off with as many close friends as I could.

Friday 20th May, Ladies night up the club…. it was promised that we would be entertained by 2 strippers and a very funny drag act. The entertainment didn’t live up to expectations but we still had a fantastic time with the prosecco flowing and cupcakes cooked by the lovely Toni.

On Saturday 21st May the familam got together for a fabulous birthday lunch.

familam lunch

Sunday 22nd May was afternoon tea in Bath day with my lovely team of guiders. Behind the spectacular Abbey is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a tiny café with all things Alice in Wonderland in it.


The big day…24th May…saw 5 besties getting up ridiculously early to catch the first plane of the day to Dublin. I had the crazy idea of flying to Dublin for a day trip and we needed to pack in as much as we could before the last flight home. With this in mind we jumped on the sightseeing bus with the best driver, he was so entertaining and got the entire bus to sing happy birthday to me. Our next mode of transport was a horse and cart to take in even more of the city at a more sedate pace. We certainly managed to have a fabulous sunny day in the emerald Isle for very little expense.

By Friday I thought that my celebrations for the week had come an end. We were having a film night at brownies and rainbows and I was all set to put my pyjamas on, eat popcorn with the girls while watching Cinderella.

Little did I know that my bestest bestie Jane, despite a personal tragedy 2 days before my birthday, had planned and hosted a surprise party for me. This scheming and planning had been going on without my knowledge for months by my besties and my mum.

To say that I was shocked and surprised was an understatement and it was incredibly emotional.

We had the most fabulous time dancing the night away to tunes performed by the lovely John  and I don’t think I’ll forget that party for a very long time.