The week that was

I have survived my week of induction and I have come through it very well. I expected to feel like I’d been run over by a bus this morning but apart from needing a short nap this afternoon, I’ve felt ok all day.

Most of the week was interesting, I met a lovely bunch of people and it felt fantastic to be part of an organisation again. I really loved having a purpose to my life again, I’ve even enjoyed catching the bus and people watching on the way.

But the best part of the week was finding out that my CRB clearance had arrived. So at last after months of waiting I can finally start my nurse practice hours for my return to nurse practice course. I am working a late shift tomorrow and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

I am now feeling very optimistic that I will complete the minimum hours by November and I will get my assignment written by next month.

After the last few months of waiting and stressing about being able to complete the course, I can now see an end in sight. I am getting closer to getting Hasan over here so that we can be together.



All good so far

Today I finished my 3rd day of an induction week for my honorary contract and my new job at South Bristol Community Hospital.

As you would probably expect the day’s programmes have been quite hard going and full on. Some of the sessions have been mind-numbingly boring, but that has been a small minority. On the whole it hasn’t been a complete waste of energy and I have found myself engaged for the majority of the time.

The highlight of the week so far has been the Violence and Aggression session this morning. It’s hard to get excited about a session that will run into a 3 hour duration, so I must admit I thought it would be a hard slog and a struggle to stay awake.

But the trainer was excellent, he was a cross between Chris Rock and Lenny Henry and was extremely funny. He managed to get all the information across while keeping us entertained for the whole 3 hours.

So far this week, although I have felt very tired, I haven’t felt fatigued or ill. This is very encouraging, this hopefully means I will cope reasonably well with work when I start.