I do like to be beside the seaside

I wanted to go on a cheesy seaside trip to our local resort of Weston Super Mare, lovingly called Weston Muddy Mare as it’s actually an estuary and the tide is out most of the time leaving dense and dangerous mud that some holiday makers get stuck in and need rescuing.

Any visit to Weston should include spending time on the Grande Pier. There has always been a pier since the original one opened in 1904, This pier had a 2000 seat theatre at the end, but this was replaced with an undercover funfair after fire destroyed the theatre in 1930. It was made a grade 2 listed building in 1994 and named National Pier of the year in 2001. But unfortunately in July 2008 it was completely destroyed by fire. By 2010 it was rebuilt, revamped and reopened.

Myself and the Gardiner girls; My mum, sister in law and my nieces, spent most of our cheesy fabulous day on the pier followed by fish and chips.


When I was a little girl our family holidays were spent in Weymouth, we always went in carnival week. So I wanted to have a trip on the train to bring back some happy childhood memories and have a fabulous day with family and friends.

Weymouth carnival week has been going for 55 years, it’s a week long event that raises money for charity and good causes. There are stalls and attractions all along the promenade to help holiday makers part with their cash. On carnival day the Red Arrows wow spectators to a fantastic display that starts with the most deafening boom. The main event starts off about 7ish and then it’s all topped off with fireworks let off from a boat in the sea.

Although I had the most fabulous day showing my nieces around Weymouth and having fish and chips with prosecco while watching the Red Arrows on the beach, I found the carnival a bit disappointing, maybe childhood memories are viewed through rose tinted lenses. But it didn’t put a damper on our amazing day.

on train to weymouth

I love going down to Challaborough in Devon, so a day trip to visit my brother, sister in law and nieces in the family caravan was always going to be a fabulous thing. The caravan park is perfectly set on the beach and is just the most loveliest place to relax.