Last training

The day after my first shift I had an early start to do some venue training at Ibrox Stadium, home of the Rangers and the venue for the rugby sevens. All of the first aiders from the night before were there and we all looked as jaded as each other from the long shift and late night.

Fortunately the training didn’t go on for too long and we were set free at lunchtime, so I took the underground into the centre. The Clockwork Orange, as it is affectionately named by the locals, is a very efficient service that just has 2 lines, inner and outer, which makes it impossible to get lost on. It was first opened in 1896 making it the third oldest underground in the world, after London and Budapest.

After a much needed coffee I found a little street market just off Buchanan Street and even though it only had about 5 stalls I still managed to part with ¬£20 on stuff that I really didn’t need.

I needed to crash out for an hour in the afternoon but after another delicious dinner Erika and George took me for a walk around the Dalzell Estate. This extensive estate boasts a 15th century tower house that was extended in the 17th and 19th centuries, it is now converted into private apartments that cost an arm and a leg to own. The tower house is said to be haunted by 3 ghosts; the Green lady who frequents the south wing, the White lady who  roams the whole house and the Grey lady who was a nurse in World War 1. The grounds are beautiful with woodland walks and an impressive arboretum which has the Covenants Oak, this tree is 900 years old and is the oldest living thing in Lanarkshire. It is named after the religious group, the Covenants, who were Scottish Presbyterians renounced by Charles II in 1662. The owner of the estate allowed them to conduct their services in safety.

The gardens are beautiful and in one if them is the family mausoleum and pet graveyard where the family dogs are buried. The Lord Gavin’s Temple was built as a summer house so that he could look down on his beloved wife’s grave.

I only saw a small part of the estate and wished I had more time to explore.

tower house