Pass your answers to the team on the right

One of my new year resolutions is not to die of boring old fartitis and to get out more. To this end my bestie, (Jane), and I decided to frequent the local pub for the weekly pub quiz.

Pub quizzes emerged in the late 1970’s having been created by a duo called Burns and Porter. A study done in 2009 revealed that that were 22,445 regular weekly pub quizzes in the UK. ┬áIt is also a popular past time outside of the UK too, when I lived in Turkey a lot of my nights out, especially in the winter, were in ex pat bars at the weekly quiz.

With the evolution of mobile phones cheating has become a big problem, some pubs actually take away participants phones before the quiz starts. But one came up with a novel idea whereby rigging up a FM radio tuner to a PA system, when a mobile phone was used it emitted electromagnetic interference and made a low pulsing sound, showing up the cheaters.

We didn’t resort to cheating as we managed to pilfer answers from other teams who felt sorry for us. It didn’t do us any good as we ended up second from last. But we are not deterred by this result and plan to go back next week having done our homework, ie; watching Pointless and The Chase.

quiz night