I dreamed a dream…or two

Last week on 2 consecutive nights I had 2 unusual dreams:

In the first dream I was about to have a cardiac procedure done, when the nurse pulled back my gown I had a hairy chest that would give Burt Reynolds a run for his money. Funnily enough I was so traumatised by this sight that I woke abruptly and never found out what happened to me and my new found forest.

The following night I dreamt that my son and I went to Bill and Hiliary Clintons house in the USA. My son needed to speak to Bill about a very important matter and went off upstairs. I was left with Hiliary and I was asking her to help me buy supplies for a wedding I was organising, she wrote down the contact details of someone to help me and put it in a wooden frame for me.

As I have written in another post I am very interested in dreams and what they mean, so I dusted off my trusty dream book to try and find the meaning behind these night time mind adventures.

To dream about the heart represents ‘feeling’ wisdom, as opposed to intellectual wisdom, and compassion and understanding. Dreaming of hair indicates strength and virility, the chest area can represent feeling overwhelmed and being confronted by something dangerous. I’m not really sure what to make of this dream, only that at the moment I am a bit overwhelmed by the whole process of getting my honorary contract and getting back to work. But I am trying to remain positive through it all and keep my temper especially when making phone calls to the recruitment department!

The second dream analysis was a bit more tricky because there isn’t a section in the dream book for American presidents! However to dream of famous people can indicate a projection of the type of person the dreamer wants to be. I have no desire to be the president of the United states, but I am an admirer of Hiliary Clinton, she is a strong and successful woman in the seemingly male dominated world of USA politics, who wouldn’t want to be like that.

I couldn’t find any reference to a wooden frame in my book, so I don’t know what that was about. But having a wedding or making preparations can mean the uniting of 2 particular parts for the dreamer which need to come together in order to create a better whole.

I could probe deep into my psyche to discover some ying/yang type of thing that needs to be resolved. But I just think it’s representing the need to be with my hubby Hasan ……as simple as that.