Just because days

Since suffering from, then recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome I have learnt to see the beauty in the smallest of things and take advantage of every opportunity.  “Make each occasion fabulous” was my mantra for my 50th year, along with “what’s the worst that can happen”, (which is always my mantra).

So some of my fabulous things may not seem like much to some people but to me they were because they involved spending time with good friends and family. Here are a few spur of the moment occasions that fall into the category of just because.


afternoon tea with the wrinklies

Fabulous afternoon tea with my mum, Jane and her dad in Charlotte’s tea rooms

atomic burger

Post Beauty and the Beast lunch in the very cool Atomic Diner with Abby, Hannah, Natasha and mum

brunch with bonnie

Brunch with Lizzy and Sarah to meet the lovely Bonnie (the dog)


Breakfast with bestest bestie Jane at Carriages restaurant in Tickenham




celebration lunch

Lunch to celebrate both my sons finding jobs after a lot of determination and hard work

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