Culture Vultures

I have always been interested in ancient history and my oldest son, Scott, shares my love for all things Greek, Roman and Egypt. I couldn’t believe that I’d got to my 50th year without seeing the Rosetta Stone and all the other ancient goodies housed in the Museum. So obviously a jolly to the British Museum would be a fabulous thing to do.

Scott, however, knew the museum like the back of his hand so was an excellent guide and we whizzed around seeing everything on my list.

The great thing about the day was the weather allowing us to ditch the underground, walk everywhere and take in all the sights that I usually miss while sat on a train. The only downside was dodging the demon geese in St. James Park who looked like they were plotting our deaths!


Along with most of the population I was obsessed with Downton Abbey and watched every episode….several times. As soon as I started planning my fabulous at 50 year I knew I would have to visit Highclere Castle

The seat of the Carnarvon family for many years, the castle and grounds are beautiful and well worth a visit even for non Downton Abbey fans. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon, along with Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 so within the bowels of the castle there is an impressive Egyptian exhibition.

My mum and I had a fabulous day exploring where one of our favourite period dramas was filmed and of course we spent a small fortune in the gift shop on stuff we really didn’t need.

downton abbey

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