Time for tourism

For my first full day off I met fellow Clydesider, Chelsey,  for an afternoon of sightseeing in Glasgow.

But before we could do anything we needed to buy summer dresses because the unexpected glorious weather was way too hot for the jeans and t shirts we were dressed in.

So kitted out in our new outfits we boarded the sightseeing open top bus and Chelsey managed to get student fares for the both of us. The bus wound it’s way around the streets and all the major landmarks for nearly 2 hours with entertaining commentary by the tourist guide, she was hilarious and kept us laughing all the way round. It was good to see all the other venues for the Games without having to do the leg work.

We both needed to be back with our hosts for early evening dinner so there was just time for a cocktail before getting the train home.

Open top bus fun


Something bizarre happened that evening, after dinner we were talking about wildlife in the garden and the conversation turned to bats, George, my host, said that they hadn’t seen bats around for a while. I settled early and watched a film on my laptop, about half way through a bat started to fly around my bedroom. I have no idea how it got in as the window wasn’t fully open. It flew around madly for about 5 minutes desperately trying to sense a way out, it eventually found the open window I was holding for it.

Thank goodness I wasn’t asleep when it started flapping around my head, would have died of fright!

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