I gotta have one

I worked a couple of night shifts this week and in the middle of the night, when sometimes there is a lull in the work, we usually end up talking about strange things.

Sunday night was no exception, my colleague, Helen,was telling me that her daughter wanted a pet, nothing unusual in that I hear you say. She didn’t want the usual rabbit or guinea pig but a goat, again not that strange. Helen then said if she bought her daughter a goat it would have to be a ‘fainting’ goat.

She went on to tell us about this particular breed of goat would go into a catatonic state when scared or excited and were often kept with herds of sheep, so that if a predator came along, while the goats were fainting the sheep would get away and the fox or wolf would then eat the poor unfortunate goats, thus saving the more valuable sheep.

As Helen was telling us this early Monday morning I did think that it was an April fools joke until she showed us the evidence……. take a look at this it’s hilarious.

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