Live long and prosper

I have a confession to make….I am a trekkie! Not a fully fledged one that goes to conventions dressed as a Klingon, but I am worryingly knowledgeable about all things Star Trek and could probably survive Mastermind with it as my specialist subject.

I’ve liked Star Trek since I was a child, I used to rush home from guides on a Monday night to watch the original series. I love all three of the new generations but my favourite is Voyager. At the moment Sky Atlantic are showing the complete series of Voyager, so imagine my surprise and joy when an episode had a character in it from another of my great TV loves… Sex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw’s best gay friend Stanford Blatch, (Willie Carson),popped up as an alien in the episode “Thirty Days”. He resembled a teenage hero mutant turtle but as soon as he spoke he was instantly recognisable.

Just fabulous!

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