The waiting game

I’m having  a really frustrating time at the moment. Although I’ve started the Return to nurse practice course at university, I’m still waiting for my honorary contract to be organised by the hospital trust where I’ll be doing my nurse practice hours. Without the contract I can’t start on the unit and I’m conscious time is creeping on and I’ll run out of time to get my minimum amount of hours done.

What I’m worried about is I’m not used to working and I want to ease myself into it and complete the hours without getting exhausted. But as more time goes by I fear I will have to cram in the hours to get them done by the end of the course.

I rang the recruitment department of the trust today to check on the progress so far, as I filled in the preliminary paperwork over a month ago. Having being on hold for so long that I listened to all of Lionel Ritchie’s greatest hits, I finally got through to someone with some answers. My paperwork had only just arrived in their department this morning, so God only knows where it has been for the last few weeks.

I still have a bit of a wait as I need to have a CRB check, occupational health assessment and mandatory training to be done. I’m trying to remain positive and hope that it’ll all be sorted soon.