Working to a deadline

A little while ago in the middle of Marmaris town centre there was a Tansas supermarket, it was knocked down and the ground levelled.

When I was there in March work was underway building a new park to commemorate the 19 Mayis Genclik Bayram. This young person and sport national day was created to celebrate Kemal Ataturk’s landing at Samsun on 19th May 1919 thus beginning the Turkish war of independence from the Ottomans.

On my return mid May the work was still ongoing and they clearly wanted to get the park finished by the 19th of May because even though the weather was nasty for the 2 days and nights before, workers toiled non stop in the driving rain and wind. The park was opened on the celebration day and although there was a bit of finishing off to do, the overall effect was lovely.

The park has a beautiful fountain similar to the Bellagio  fountain in Las Vegas but on a smaller scale, a waterfall with a lovely mermaid statue and wide open space for playing and relaxing. I think once it’s finished off properly it will be fabulous.