Full steam ahead

While I was away in Turkey last week I received an email confirming that I had a place on the Return to Nurse Practice course, another email told me that there were 14 available funded places with over 20 people on the course. To be considered for the funded place I had to complete the QinetiQ Biographical assessment tool questionnaire, originally designed for pre registration students. I had 3 days to find somewhere to print it, fill it in, photograph it and email it back. It was a little bit of a challenge but it was worth it because when I got home I had another email telling me that I had a funded place. I am so chuffed as I would have really struggled to pay for it.

I’ve ordered my student uniform and sent off my photo, that makes be look like an axe murderer, for my student ID and now I feel like the course is officially on. I can’t wait to start although I am feeling very apprehensive, mainly because I haven’t worked as a nurse for over 6 years. I will have to work hard on pacing myself so that I don’t get completely exhausted.

But I’m excited too about this new phase in my life and I’m determined to succeed.


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