History galore

I love history, particularly ancient history and Turkey is rich in it. We were spoilt for choice in the area and managed to cover a great distance in our old convertible, even though the petrol gauge was broken and we never really knew how much petrol we had, so we had to carry a can full in the boot just in case we ran out in the middle of nowhere.

Our first port of call was Amos, a small hillside city near the village of Turunc. After a bracing and heart quickening hike upwards we were rewarded with the most spectacular views of the coastline, sea and mountains, it was truly breathtaking. All that remains of the city itself was the city wall, the amphitheatre and odd bits of stone such as statue plinths.

It’s thought that the city dates back to the Hellenistic period of history, 300 to 50 BC, and was inhabited until the Byzantine period. The amphitheatre would have seated 1300 people in it’s hey day, the first 4 rows are still almost intact and the orchestra area and stage are still well preserved.

It’s uncertain but historians believe the name from the Greek word αµµᴏҁ meaning sand.

For our next historical visit the next day we wanted to see the middle age castle at Hisaronu. But after finding the village and the beach that led to the castle road, we were disappointed to find out that the road leading up to the castle was blocked and we couldn’t go and see it.

Not to be put off we carried on around the bay and saw the sight known as Kiz Kumu, maidens sand. According to legend the daughter of the Bybassos king tried to escape from pirates but couldn’t swim so she filled her skirts with sand and put it in the water so she could cross the bay, but it got dark and she ran out of sand and drowned.

The remains of the ancient city of Bybassos can be seen on top of the island in the bay.

It was an amazing sight and we had a great day, the only downside was the daylight robbery at the marina club that charged us 26 lira for 2 teas and 2 coffees!!!!

Next stop Cnidos…..

In love with Marmaris

When Hasan told me he had a new job in Marmaris and Icmeler I must admit my heart sank, because I had heard some bad reports about the resorts from a few people. But I decided to visit with an open mind and boy I was not disappointed, it’s really beautiful down there.

Hasan’s new job doesn’t start until May and only has a few painting jobs to do before then, so we had 10 wonderful days together. Thanks to the loan of an old banger from one of Hasan’s many cousins we travelled around the area. So over the next few posts I’ll write about where we went and what we saw.

The thing that most struck me about Marmaris and Icmeler is how clean and flat they are. All of the houses and apartment units are only 2 or 3 floors high and there are a lot of open spaces and parks, compared with Kusadasi where it looks like a giant housing estate with tall apartment buildings compacted into every available space. In Kusadasi if someone cleared their back garden a developer would buy the land and build 2 apartment blocks on it!!!

In both resorts there is a canal running through with little bridges to walk over, in some places it reminded me a bit of Bruges in Belgium.

The government have obviously spent a lot of money on public spaces, good roads, walkways and fountains. The overall effect is 2 lovely seaside towns that are a pleasure to visit.

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